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525 Short St., Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 464-2739

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Historic Brewery District

CBC is located in the historic Brewery District of Columbus, Ohio

Today's Brewery District

The Brewery District is the restored industrial area next to the German Village neighborhoods and just south of the central business district.

With its history of nearly 200 year, the first brewery was open by German immigrant Louis Hoster in 1836. At the heights of the district's success, there were five breweries located here. When Prohibition came in to effect, the area declined.

Redevelopment has taken place since the Brewery District Commission and the Brewery District were established in 1993. Current owners of the CBC Restaurant, Doug Griggs and Mike Campbell, purchased the restaurant in 2006 from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. “Our business has been driven by people who work downtown for years. Now, with so much residential development in the Brewery District and its contribution to the growth of our clientele, the time is right to expand our business hours,” says Doug Griggs.

Photograph of Columbus Brew Adventure's Van

CBC participates in the tours of the Columbus Brew Adventures. As the first stop on the tour, tour guests enjoy sampling the brews and food. TOUR DETAILS

Catering to Your Group's Special Events

We can host a wide variety of your events ranging from hosting your happy hour gathering to dinner for a group of 150 guests.




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